SRLM-Himayat Jammu & Kashmir

Project Deliverable

The Himayat Programme is a placement linked, market driven skill training Programme for the youth of J&K.

  • The MORD is the nodal agency in the implementation of the Himayat Programme and provides both technical and financial assistance in the implementation of the programme.
  • The centrally sponsored Special Projects under National Rural Live lihood Mission (NRLM), which is currently implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development (MORD) and which forms the basis of this scheme, is limited only torural BPL youth. The Himayat Programme for J &K however, will be a central sector scheme, and will cover all youth: from rural and urban areas and, BPL and non-BPL category.
  • The Programme intends to cover 1 lakh youth from J & K in the next 5 years and will be implemented through competent training providers from the private sector and non-profit organizations.
  • The Himayat Programme consists of two components- provision of training for youth to enter salaried employment and provision of assistance to youth for self-employment. The former is accorded priority and thereby allotted 70% of the Programme funds. The remaining 30 % of the Programme funds are allotted forself-employment training.
  • 5. The training providers for placement linked skill training will ensure that they place at least 80% of the youth trained by them in jobs in the organized sector paying the statutory minimum wage of the State.
  • Placement for youth will be provided all over the country, within J &K andoutside.
  • Under the Himayat Programme, different training strategies will be used for diverse groups of youth – school drop outs, dropouts of XII class level, and those who have had college education.
  • Over the course of implementing this Programme over the past year, a lot oflearning has occurred. It is in this context that the current guidelines have beenre looked at and revised to further strengthen the implementation and widen their each of the programme in a systematic and accountable manner.